3 Jan

I would love to say that some may recignize this from my main blog on Blogger, Worldwidefootball, but the truth is no-one does. Sort of funny, really. How basicslly none of my views are of people reading the blog, insteas they’re just clicking on it and instantly away. I know this because if they had been reading, at least one person would’ve commented on one of my posts.

Which is why I’m here writing this post. I’m in seeking for a new place where I’ll hopefully get a set of readers, and get a response, instead of a huge lie. Hopefully, WordPress is the place to do so, as opposed to Blogger. I don’t know, really. I hope it is. I started out about 5 months ago ready for lots of responses and exciting discussions. January 2013 and I’ve come nowhere near that. Isn’t there a search or something? I think WordPress is a good place to do thus kind of thing.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’m not someone who writes constant miles of content but I do produce quality, dare I say myself. Well, there hasn’t been anyone else around to say it.